Last One Worthy

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October 12, 2012 by ronlasseter

I heard this song this week, The Last One Worthy by the Lefevre Quartet. Amazing! As I listened to the words, I began filling up with emotions and thought wow, how unworthy am I? Man, with my history of sin, who am I that Christ would actually consider giving His life to save me. I am so undeserving. My punishment for my crimes against God almighty should be death without question and yet because of His grace and His mercy, He saw something in me worth saving and how do I repay that?  More sin! When you get down to brass tax, we cannot fathom unconditional love. I would not sacrifice my son for you, me, not anyone and yet because of His love for us, He not only offered His spotless lamb as payment for my sins, His spotless lamb gave up His life so that I may have life and have it more abundantly. Talk about unworthy! Gracious Lord, I come to you today humbled and broken. I do not deserve your grace or your mercy. I can never repay my debt in full. All I can offer to you is my unconditional service. Teach me Lord to walk in your love, mold me into your image. Quicken my heart to focus on you so that I do not fall prey to my own sinful nature. Thank you Lord for your sacrifice knowing that I will never meet your standards. I love you Lord, my debt to you is unfathomable to me. It is in your Holy name that I pray,
Your servant


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